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Texas Office

Underwriting Lead - Vicki Lewis
Underwriter - Jan Ashley
Underwriter - Angie Bairrington
Underwriter - Tamica King

Claims Vice-President  - Mike Mullen
Vice-President of Marketing Ward Johnson
Loss Control Assistant Vice-President - Bill Austin 

Deep South entered the Texas marketplace in 1995. Since that time, the Dallas office has experienced unprecedented growth and has become the second largest Deep South office in the country, second only to Deep South of Louisiana, where the company was founded in 1967. The agency base for the Texas office is comprised of over 200 independent agencies.

Deep South is a full service office providing underwriting, claims handling, marketing and quality assurance. The staff of Deep South’s Texas office is well qualified, experienced and focused on commercial insurance products, with its underwriters having an average of 25 years of underwriting experience.  The experienced underwriting staff has seen the ups and downs of the market cycles and is adept at underwriting in any environment.

Deep South is a select market for preferred commercial automobile, garage liability, garage keepers legal, general liability, property and inland marine programs. Deep South offers products to industries such as construction, oil and gas services, retailers, wholesalers, garage and service industries. The company is part of QBE the Americas, which is one the world's largest and most successful insurance companies. As a result of Deep South's membership in the QBE family of companies, it has the unique ability to leverage the global market reach of QBE, while drawing upon the local market knowledge and presence of Deep South offices here in Texas and across the nation. Deep South’s unparalleled dedication to service enables the company to provide unrivaled satisfaction to its customers.

Deep South understands that any sound insurance and risk management strategy starts with an effective loss control program to prevent losses, promote a healthier work environment and enhance organizational productivity. Loss control is the cornerstone of managing an organization's total cost of risk and is a complement to the comprehensive service and support we provide to independent insurance agencies and their clients. Risk/Hazard Assessment and Evaluations, Fleet Management Training,General Safety Management Education and Training, Consultative Service Assistance,Loss Analysis Loss Control Recommendations and Business Solutions,Joint Service Planning, Annual Service Report, Vast amount Safety Resources and variety specialized Driver training courses. The key to helping  policyholders contain their total cost of risk is Deep South's in-house loss control department. The department is comprised of loss control professionals who have many years of industry experience, in-depth knowledge and diverse skill sets that work to the direct advantage of  policyholders. 

Deep South has an in-house claims department. The claims department excels at providing top quality claims administration to insureds through an innovative claims philosophy.

Deep South is a proud supporter of the Dallas Independent Insurance Agents Association, the Houston Independent Insurance Agents Association and the San Antonio Independent Insurance Agents Association.

A Member of QBE
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