Deep South Web-Based Safety Training Provides Companies
With Powerful Safety Education

One of the most significant aspects of providing professional safety training to employees in today’s business world is finding the time in tight schedules to provide training. To further complicate matters, employees are often spread across multiple locations on any given day.

Deep South helps to address these challenges with leading edge web-based training that can be utilized by your employees anywhere anytime as long as they have a computer, web access and are running a recent version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The technology platform and web-based safety videos are developed and provided by CLMI, one of the nation’s leading safety training companies. Other important points about this advanced training solution include:

• Reduced training time
• Enhances training effectiveness, employee productivity and employee retention
• Enables flexible training at locations spread across wide geographic areas at any time
• Extensive library of safety topics
• Full-screen, broadcast quality video for impact and relevance
• Short, effective programs (25-45 minutes) hold learner interest
• Available in broad-band or dial-up configurations
• Fully interactive design compels student engagement for greater retention
• Complies with OSHA standards
• Available 24/7 at dispersed locations, no need to coordinate classroom sessions
• Web-based program means no installation and limited or no IT support required
• Requires Internet Explorer 8 or later and a simple CLMI video player download

Sample of Safety Training Topics Available

The Deep South web-based video training library includes over 400 titles that can greatly assist companies with delivering sophisticated safety training to employees in their effort to improve workplace safety and contain their total cost of risk. Listed below are a sample of the topics available:

1. Defensive Driving  6. Vehicle Inspections
2. Driver Distraction 7. First Aid
3. Heavy Trucks - Judging Speed/Distance 8. Heat Stress 
4. Accident Investigation 9. Housekeeping
5. Heavy Truck Hazards  10. Safety Audits

It is important to note that only companies that are Deep South clients have access to this powerful web-based safety tool.

Make sure your employees have Internet Explorer 8 or later installed on their computer and download the CLMI video player.